Photoshop Brushes Free Download .abr files: “Winged & Crowned Hearts No.1″ Photoshop Brush .abr or Gimp Brush

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Photoshop Brushes Free Download .abr files: “Winged and Crowned Hearts No.1″ Photoshop Brush .abr or Gimp Brush

This brush was so much fun to make and who doesn’t think a Winged Heart or Flying Heart with a crown isn’t silly enough to be fun? The symbol is as old as the hills, right? We’ve seen them as tattoos in many different forms and fashions forever as well, and they are just as fun today as a stamp or brush in a paper/ visual design project too.  As a Valentine Photoshop or Gimp Brush, you can color it anyway you like and decorate your Scrap book pages, Hand-made greeting cards, web sites, blogs, or any visual design project you’re working on—and these will work past Valentine’s Day too. Gotta love hearts!

These Brushes are about 6 inches across, and of course can be resized. Have fun with these and stamp away!


Another Free, High Resolution, hi-res, High Quality, Photoshop  .abr Brush  for you to add to your projects!  Download free photoshop brushes at and look for other free vintage photoshop brushes downloads for CS4 CS5 CS6 and earlier here: Use this one as a photoshop .abr corner brush or for stamping  on your Blog, Website, Visual Design, Scrapbooking or Collage Project. Printable at 300 dpi, and designed at 300 ppi, the Photoshop Brushes Free Download has a Valentine feel and look. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Gorgeous…

  2. Ooooohhhh….these are so pretty! Can’t wait to use them! Thank you!

  3. Thanks cool! I have Photoshop Elements so I am hoping that these will work.

  4. Aren’t you sweet! And, so talented! I am loving your site!
    Thank you so much!


  5. You don’t cease to amaze me…Beautiful. Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much! I love the winged hearts!

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