Pixelberrypie.com FREE Photoshop Brushes-Earth Day RECOLORABLE Watery Brushes and PNGS for Pixelscrapper Blog Train

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Pixelberrypie.com FREE Photoshop Brushes-Earth Day RECOLORABLE Watery Brushes and PNGS for Pixelscrapper Blog Train

Pixelberrypie.com contribution for the Pixelscrapper blog train April 2014 – EARTH DAY Theme, FREE recolorable watery photoshop .abr brushes AND PNGs. FREE!

Re-color these quotes with a different brush color, or add a pattern or gradient to them to coordinate with whatever you are designing or creating. There is a Photoshop .abr brush file included along with individual pngs. These can be used for commercial use, so have fun with them and share the messages these watery brushes and .PNGs contain. There are some familiar quotes here, in addition to a couple of bible passages that I found while researching the quotes. I did not have enough room for all of the brushes on the preview, but they are contained in the zip.

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Another high resolution, hi-res, high quality, Photoshop file or Clipart image for you to add to your projects from Pixelberrypie.com! Download additional free photoshop brushes at Pixelberrypie.com. Look for other free vintage, retro, and modern photoshop brushes for Photoshop CS4 CS5 CS6 and earlier in the freebies section at pixelberrypie.com/freebies. Clipart image .png, jpeg or gif files can be used anywhere on your Blog, Website, Visual Design, Scrap booking, Altered Art or Collage Project. Our digital elements are always printable at 300 dpi, because they are designed at 300 ppi. Automate your downloading and Subscribe to get a link sent to your e-mail's inbox with the newest posts and don't forget to check out our Terms of Use. We'll soon have a gallery where you can show your creations to friends and family so check back often to grab your corner. Enjoy these free Photoshop and Gimp and Paintshop Pro-friendly clipart for your digital paper projects. And don't forget contact us if you have any questions! [quicksubscribe]

If you need any frames, go to Pixelberrypie's Fan page and "Like" to download:


Back to Pixelscrapper.com Blog Train: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/april-2014-blog-train-final-list

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  1. Your wordart is beautiful

  2. Lovely, thank you!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Sue, you’re welcome!

    • Dear Linda, how are you? I am sorry for the late respons. Thank you so very much for sharing your gorgeous work with me and thank you again for the beautiful brushes and png’s. I have not been on Google + as much as I like too and that is why I only saw your message now. I just down loaded the: EARTH DAY” year-round QUOTES in Re-colourable Photoshop Brushes AND PNGS. The moment I have use them in my projects, I will post to you. We spent a beautiful day out-doors today. We had a BBQ alongs side a river on a blanket, the old fashion way. :) The beauty is…it was just the two of us, very romantic for me. The weather was incredable and my love could even swim for awhile, while I play the camera woman, lol!!!! When we came home, and all was cleaned – up, we sat and had some drinks. I looked at my husband, while smiling and said: My love, thank you for so many things that you have brought into my life, for this wonderful day, but most all…thank, thank you for loving me and making me the happiest woman alive. You know how it is with men…..he looked away for just a moment….so that I can’t see, he is getting sentimental.

      Than he replied, its always a pleasure my darling, and smiled. Today I am 10 year in The Netherlands and we are 10 year together and that made it so special. For now, I leave with words, that comes straight from my heart and as a good friend. Linda, take always good care of yourself, we all are just human and live on borrowed times. Take time for yourself and your love once because, what if tomorrow never comes. Your a wonderful person, and I am happy to have met you and call you my friend, and that’s why the motherlyness. I do that for all that is close to my heart. You have yourself a super new week and keep well my friend.
      Lots of love and best regards, Sonja and Corné xxx

      • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

        Thank you for sharing your sweet day with me and my readers, Sonja! You are a jewel!

  3. Thank you for these fantastic brushes!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Lis, You’re welcome! Have fun with the brushes

  4. Hi Linda – I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these lovely quotes. I love the unusual style of them!
    Helen x

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Helen, I’m so glad you like the brushes and the quotes!

  5. Thank yoy Linda!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Lorien! You are very welcome!

  6. So glad I signed up for your newsletter and the wonderful freebies. I grabbed all that were offered and thank you very much they are lovely.

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Cynthia! I’m so glad you can use everything. Now you’ll always be in the “know” immediately when I post something new. Make yourself at home, I’m glad to meet you!

  7. Wow, I am thrilled to have accidentally stumbled upon these! They’re wonderful. Thank you!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Therese! I’m so glad you found them too! I usually post at least a couple of new free things a month, so check back or subscribe for the e-mail notifications. Maybe that will help. Have fun with the brushes!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful quotes in the mask type format. These will be used and loved.

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Peggy! I’m so glad you like the brushes/pngs quotes. I hope you enjoy using them! Thanks for your comment!

  9. Gorgeous brushes! I love them! <3 <3
    Thanks a ton for these unique elements in the blog train :) :)

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Amelia! I’m so glad you love the brushes. I had fun making them. I thought they would coordinate with lots of things I saw on the blog train. Thank you for your comment!

  10. Lovely – thank you!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Dawn, you are so welcome! Have fun!

  11. Love these! Thanks so much!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Marisa! I always love participating in your Blog Trains. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Thanks so much for these awesome brushes!

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Charlene! So glad you like them! Have fun!

  13. WOW what an opportunity for some fab experimenting Thank you so much

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      I know, Faith—I LOVE experimenting (it’s another word for “learning,” right?!) :) Have fun!

  14. These are wonderful. Thank you.

    • Linda@pixelberrypie.com

      Hi Arlene! I’m so glad you like them. Have fun!

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