Free Download: VECTOR Photoshop Brushes Holiday Christmas and PNG FREEBIE …

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Free Download: Photoshop Brushes Holiday Christmas and PNG FREEBIE …Photoshop Holiday Brush + PNG (Starbucks inspired 🙂

Here’s a Starbucks-inspired PNG and Brush for Photoshop and Gimp for you{3500 px brush, 300 dpi PNG.}   Yes, It’s a big brush, but completely down-sizeable! I wanted to make it bigger for those of you who create on a larger scale, but this brush can be sized-smaller without loss of detail because of it’s vector qualities. There are two brushes, both the same design, but two different effects…a softlight effect, and a hardlight effect. The difference between the two is that the Hardlight (blendmode) darkens much of the stamp, including the background. The softlight (blendmode) stamp or brush, has a lighter background. Both brushes are labeled so that you can choose which to use. The PNG is the original PNG that the brushes were made from. My inspiration was a bag my husband brought home from Starbucks two days ago. I tried to stay true to the bag so it’s a flat design like the original’s, with multiple layers. It’s the first Holiday and Christmas brush I’ve made this year, but I wanted to release it early incase someone  might need it in a greeting card design or in any Holiday festivities. I think the design could have a vintage feel to it if it was used over vintage elements and with vintage colors. I hope you like it! Happy Creating with the first of a few upcoming Photoshop Christmas brushes Holiday Christmas themed design-a-thon!

Another high resolution, hi-res, high quality, Photoshop file or Clipart image for you to add to your projects from! Download additional free photoshop brushes at Look for other free vintage, retro, and modern photoshop brushes for Photoshop CS4 CS5 CS6 and earlier in the freebies section at Clipart image .png, jpeg or gif files can be used anywhere on your Blog, Website, Visual Design, Scrap booking, Altered Art or Collage Project. Our digital elements are always printable at 300 dpi, because they are designed at 300 ppi. Automate your downloading and Subscribe to get a link sent to your e-mail's inbox with the newest posts and don't forget to check out our Terms of Use. We'll soon have a gallery where you can show your creations to friends and family so check back often to grab your corner. Enjoy these free Photoshop and Gimp and Paintshop Pro-friendly clipart for your digital paper projects. And don't forget contact us if you have any questions!


If you need any frames, go to Pixelberrypie's Fan page and "Like" to download:

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  1. Love the size and shape and also for the vector in case I can’t use the brush in CS5


      Hi Faith! I’m so glad you like what you’re finding on my website. I’m with you–VECTORS are wonderful. I’m going to be sure my brushes can be loaded in every version of Photoshop and Gimp, and so I’ll make a large one, and a smaller one from now on. Have fun with everything!

  2. Just gorgeous! Thank you!


      Hi Cindy! Have fun with it!

  3. You generosity knows no bounds, I love these, thank you


      Awww…I love that! Kind words. Thank you. Enjoy the brush and PNG!

  4. Posted about your gift today. Love it and intend to use it over Christmas. Thank you.


      Hi Lorraine! What a wonderful and kind thing for you to do! That’s the ultimate “thank you” in my book! I hope you enjoy the brush. I’ve got several more to post in the coming days. Have a great week!

  5. Hey, there!
    I love the brushes! Thank you!
    I, too, like the larger size for brushes. I do wonder, though, if folks with older versions of PS are able to open them. Before CS6, the limit for a brush was 2500px. I dunno. LOL
    Thank you!



      Hi Su—Thank you for telling me about the limitations!!! I included a PNG in this one so anyone can convert it into a brush, but I will certainly check on this because I never want to leave anyone out. I used Photoshop CS for years before getting CS6, and did so because my husband’s a teacher (discount!) I REALLY appreciate your information. I had no idea. It’s a max of 2500 from now on!

      • I seem to recall this coming up elsewhere. I don’t think the older version will allow the larger brushes. Nothing happens when you try to open them. If you could find out for sure, that would be best. I have been known to misunderstand something sometimes. Har-har! Like, HALF the time! LOL.
        I know I love the larger size brushes since CS6, I believe! If nothing else, you can at least stamp a brush closer to 3600X3600 than with the smaller ones, without losing too much resolution.


  6. It’s my B-day tomorrow and this downlad … well this whole site you offer really is a great gift that gives all the time and all year round. Who could ask for more? No one! You rock!


      Happy Birthday—I hope you have a wonderful day and the happiest year, Echo. Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me. 🙂

  7. This is wonderful. I love the big size too. Awesome gift. TY! 🙂 Echo


      Hi Echo! So glad you like it—and the size! I like the bigger brushes too (you can do more with them 🙂



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