About Pixelberrypie.com

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About Pixelberrypie.com

By day, I’m a Web Designer/Developer and by night I like to create here at http://Pixelberrypie.com
Art, in every form, is a HUGE part of my life and always has been, but in the past several years it has been especially important: it has kept me stable, sane and distracted in the midst of severe health problems and loss of mobility. After 3 spine surgeries done to correct an undetected birth defect, I have a 10 inch scar down my back and a spine full of hardware holding me together–but I am regaining my mobility and  am more grateful than words can express for the technology of today and the skillful hands of amazing doctors…
but in the wee hours of the night, when it’s hard for me to sleep because of pain, “Andrew Scourby” reads the bible to me (the New Testament book of  John is my favorite.) In the words of Christ I glean the all-important hope to get well, to endure both pain and the isolation of being house-bound, and to create what I offer here. 

When I am not involved in a Web Development project, I like to open photoshop or put on my painting smock and get lost for a while in color, shape and texture and if it all comes together right, something might end up in a digital goodie here on this site.

What else? Let’s see…
I am married to an incredibly loving and patient man and have two grown sons–one works in Internet Technology at Hitachi Corporation, the other is a Sr. Creative Director for Publicist in New York. I live in a tiny doll house with a cat and a few pets outside including a squirrel and Blue Jay that eat out of my hand, and lots of other birds that I love to feed and photograph. I am from Detroit, Michigan and am the daughter of a Park Ranger. Most of my inspiration comes from Nature, where I find my best solace, thanks to a happy childhood spent camping in the forests and lakes of Upper Michigan. I guess that is “ABOUT ” me.


One more thing I feel compelled to mention… If any of you have gone through a prolonged sickness or injury, and have had a special person in your life who stood by your side and walked that unexpected, painful path with you, then you will know how hard it is to put into words what he or she means to you. My husband is that person.  The moments that I am now able to spend sitting at my computer working , or standing at my easel painting are a direct result of his love and encouragement. He has helped me hold on to the hope of  being well again.
I can never say how much he means to me.

I hope that you enjoy the downloads here on Pixelberrypie.com.  Create something great and make your little corner of the world more beautiful for yourself and for those you love.

Linda Nelson





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